Project Description

Hybrid water heater Voltex, electric heat pump, HPTU-80: a heat exchanger absorbs the heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the water using heat pump with responsible refrigerant R134a harmless for the environment. According to energy simulation done by ecohabitation, monthly consumption is reduced by $ 240 / month. ENERGY STAR © refrigerator (at least 20% more performant then Canadian standard) consumes 632 KWh / year. Refrigerator ENERGY STAR © (superior performance of at least 20% of the Canadian standard) consumes 632 KWh / year. Dishwasher ENERGY STAR ©  consumes 270 KWh / year and less water. High efficiency appliances that consume less water. LED spot lights. Motions detectors ben added in some rooms.

Project Details
Date 07 June 2021 Categories Wescroft House Author Sahar Abi-Ziki, arch, OAQ, PA LEED C+CB
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