Project Description

The building’s orientation promotes passive energy capture. The house have a greywater recovery system, to decrease the use of drinking water by collecting 90% rainwater from the roof, in underground tank 6000 liters, which will be used for irrigation, washing of cars and toilets. Pre-solar: The roof was directed south / south-east by a slight slope 2 in 12 in order to install solar panels if the owners desires, and tubes are already installed for future solar applications. White roof is installed to reduce heat islands effects. Note that the structure of the roof of the garage and the entrance porch are calculated to possible accommodation of a green roof if the customer desires. (Elastomer membrane of white finishing soprastar flam HD GR of soprema). Reduce occupant exposure to radon and other gases contaminating in the ground by installing a passive depressurization column under the slab.

Project Details
Date 07 June 2021 Categories Wescroft House Author Sahar Abi-Ziki, arch, OAQ, PA LEED C+CB
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