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The indoor spaces are designed to foster occupants’ well-being through a high-performance envelope, ENERGY STAR® windows, and an appropriate HVAC heat-recovery system. Blower door test result is  1.45 CAH @ 50Pa, air change per hour at 50 Pa. Rates required by novoclimat 2  is ≤ 1.5 CAH. The blower door test is part of the energy evaluation of a LEED home. It is a performance test that uses a device to verify the air tightness, which means that it measures the amount of outdoor air that enters through the envelope. During this test, the advisor goes through the house to locate the possible air leaks that are then sealed to reduce energy consumption. Air leaks found throughout a typical home can represent a 25% heat loss. This figure can reach up to 40% in an older home.

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Date 07 June 2021 Categories Wescroft House Author Sahar Abi-Ziki, arch, OAQ, PA LEED C+CB
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