Project Description

For erosion and sediment control during construction, the site was protected by a fence covered with a geotextile and the entrance to the site throughout the driveway was covered with compacted gravel to clean the truck’s wheels entering and leaving the site and thus reducing the pollution transmitted to the neighborhood. Landscaping: The existing tree on the site was protected during construction. Permeable pavers are used for the driveway and hard surfaces. As well as native plants that needs less water. Choice of a site: already developed and close to public transport, train station and an already existing infrastructure. Radon column: Reduce occupant exposure to radon and other gases contaminating in the ground by installing a passive depressurization column under the slab.

Project Details
Date 07 June 2021 Categories Wescroft House Author Sahar Abi-Ziki, arch, OAQ, PA LEED C+CB
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